April 9th, 2017


We had our first business meeting yesterday and the constitution and bylaws were ratified.


Our new Board Members had official pictures taken by DeDe. 


Brian Nutwell is going to be heading up our Members Committee. This group will be in charge of such things as our social media presence, making sure new folks fell welcomed at sitting practice, arranging member activities and community building, etc. If you would like to help out on this committee or have ideas to share with them please contact him at brian.nutwell@pragmaticbuddhism.org


Dave Buchanan will be heading up our facilities group which will make sure the Center is clean and functioning well as well as helping out when it comes time to find a larger place :) If you would like to volunteer with helping to clean the Center please contact Dave at dbmhtb@sbcglobal.net


Additionally, Dave will be serving as our sangha Treasurer and DeDe will be serving as our Secretary. 


With bows for all your commitment to the sangha,

-Glenn Ge Jie Gustafson

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