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Coup - Reflections on 1/6/21

Today we have seen what can only be called a coup attempt. It was an attempt to stop the Congress from doing its constitutionally mandated duty and to intimidate it from completing that duty. This action must be condemned by all right-thinking people. While doing so, we must condemn the actions without demonizing people or lumping all people of a particular political party into the group of those who perpetrated these actions just because they voted for the same person.

As Buddhists we are called on to oppose unskillful actions and to work to bring about peace and joy. This can only be done when we acknowledge that individuals are individuals not groups that can be demonized - and that we are interconnected to ALL of them. We wish peace and joy for ALL of them. Actions that bring harm must be condemned but beings must be dealt with as individual beings with whom we share this world. Sometimes that may mean removing people from close connection with us so that we can find peace for ourselves; but even when we do that we must do it while recognizing our continued interconnection and interdependence.

As we undertake our prayers and meditation this evening, please do so with a heart of compassion for ALL people, for ALL beings. Condemn harmful actions and demand accountability, but do not return hate for hate. Do not hate; because you are the only one harmed by your hate.


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