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Daily Practice


On our quest for personal development, we must not just hope or believe that we are good; we must actually do good. Modern science confirms that behavioral modification is a necessary requisite to actualizing the positive changes we seek. This is the basis of cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, which is currently a popular approach in mind-body health.


But long before Western psychology discovered the priority of behavioral modification, Siddhartha Gautama (the historical Buddha) advocated the same strategy to improve our personal and social lives. At the Center for Pragmatic Buddhism, like all Buddhist traditions, practice (action) is central. We hope to provide a foundation here for you to begin developing a practice of your own. Please read the information listed below, and contact our Chapter Leader if you have any questions along the way.


The Center for Pragmatic Buddhism adopts a view of Buddhist education and practice that values contemporary relevance, historical analysis, personal development and social virtuosity. It is our view that Buddhist practice is relevant when it can be applied to one's daily life. Our primary motivation is to offer an approach to Buddhism that carries practical application and benefit for the American and Western lifestyle. We perceive a qualified Buddhist education as one that includes a proper survey of Buddhism's historical and cultural milieu, and embraces a contemporary understanding that offers informal and formal study and practice at CPB. This offering of both informal and formal study allows us to offer Buddhist practice to a wide audience. The ability of our participants to embrace their practice while maintaining a normal lifestyle out-in-the-world is seen as the preferred example of personally relevant and socially engaged Buddhism. Our weekly practices and online communication are intended to provide the practical tools necessary to apply what our members and guests value in the Buddhist approach to their own lives, to benefit self and other.


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